My Salah Mat- A prayer mat to help develop Habit of Salah in kids.

Living away from your own family and your culture gets challenging sometimes, especially when it comes to teaching your kids about Islam and its values. So, I have always been looking out for play based activities to teach my daughter about Islam because nowadays kids want to try out something new and interesting. And one thing that really is helping me with this is My Salah mat.

Salah is one of the most important elements of Islamic practices, hence being on number two of Pillars of Islam. It has a huge importance in every Muslim’s life. Living in a Muslim country back then, it was easy for me to learn about Islamic values. We were taught Salah at school, practice continued at home by parents/grandparents, which made it easier for us. But living in a foreign world, where we find no such opportunities, it gets hard. As children are always learning with growing age. They learn through observing others as well as while playing. That’s why it is very important to introduce kids to educational toys. Kids can pick up quickly if they are provided with opportunities to learn through play-based activities. And why is that? Playing is fun for kids and even better if they learn something out of it. Playing helps in sensory development. Playing is also considered as stress release, it can definitely help out to calm down any child.

And today, I am going to share my opinion about My Salah mat, which is an educational prayer mat and provides inspiration in children for the love of salah in fun, easy and interactive way. It is an easy touch and play prayer mat. With 36 active touch sensitive keys, a child can learn so much. with the help of Salah mat, my two-year-old daughter has already picked up a lot of knowledge about Salah. She can now tell where Qibla is and says Salam each time she turns it on.

Salah has become an interesting part of our life now. Because I can always make my little one take part in it now while I perform my Salah. Salah mat can help you teach your kids about Wudu, Adhan, Surah & Dua, Salah Times and Salah positions. The best part is, it has proper guidance to perform salah with postures. As soon as you put your feet on the prayer mat, it starts to perform Salah.

While showing this prayer mat to my friends, what excited us more was that it has Urdu language option. Coming from a country where Urdu is our first language, to see My salah mat narrating in Urdu, felt very special to heart. But other than Urdu, it has 6 more languages to choose from.

My salah mat is water proof and made from fire-resistant material. It has a button to adjust volume. It doesn’t take enough space as easily foldable. The colourful mat is very catchy for kids. It helps with development of knowledge about Salah. This educational prayer mat comes with an activity book with such amazing drawings to colour, puzzles, games regarding more information about Salah.

I would highly recommend every Muslim parent to invest on something like this. We do buy new technology to our kids now and then for their development. How about if we buy them an educational prayer mat this time? It will be a good addition to your house. I am happy to own an educational prayer mat because I have always been worried about how to teach my daughter about Salah and Islamic values. But thankfully, my salah mat has taken away all my worries.

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